The Employment of Foreign Nationals Act regulates the employment of foreigners in Croatia.

A foreigner may be employed in Croatia only if he/she holds a work permit and fulfils the general and special conditions of employment.

A foreigner who

has obtained permission for permanent residence;

intends and can prove that he/she will engage in specific activities (e.g. foreign investment);

will perform professional activities as stipulated in the technology transfer contract or the long-term production co-operation contract;

personally submits the request for obtaining a work permit.

A domestic employer who employs a foreigner has to request a work permit for a foreigner who has been granted a prolonged stay in Croatia.

A work permit is, as a rule, issued for a limited period of time, i.e. for the duration of specific activities or professional work. Work permits are issued by the State Employment Office, Central Office Zagreb, through the competent local service.