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How to do Business with Croatia?


The arrival of Croats on the territory of Croatia, as we know it today, dates back to the 7th Century. The affiliations of Croatia to the Central European and Mediterranean economic and civilization realm is rooted in those ancient times. The advantages of Croatia's geographic location make her an interesting business partner. After the dissolution of communist system and the introduction of political pluralism, Croatia is presently designing a legal system which will help steer her towards a market economy. In line with these changes, the Croatian Chamber of Economy has organized itself as a modern, business and professional institution tailored to the needs of enterprises on the territory of Croatia as well as abroad. The blueprint for the organization of the present Croatian Chamber of Economy are the West European chambers with a few special features rooted in our own tradition.

The territorial organization of the Chamber extends over 21 county chambers and the central chamber based in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The Chamber's main objectives are the promotion of Croatian business interests at home and abroad, the exchange of business information on future partners through a given information system and the organization of business education. Over the last three years, the Croatian economy has undergone extensive change. Thousands of new private enterprises have mushroomed while socially owned enterprises are in the process of transformation and privatization. There are approximately 60,000 economic entities in Croatia today. Its abundant natural and human resources, and a business tradition of long standing, make Croatia the ideal business partner for the future.

(information source: HGK)

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