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It is one of the most densely wooded islands, has three hundred springs, and is a veritable botanical exhibition, with plants not native to the island. The Komrcar park, with its laurel, poplar, cypress, Indian fig-tree, rosemary, pine and hundred-year-old agave is now the pride of Rab.

Many myths and stories surround its history. One of them is written in the sculptures near the fountain on the square of St. Christopher. It is the story of the chaste Draga and the passionate Kalifront. Draga, who had promised herself to one of the goddesses, could not give her love to Kalifront, so the goddess turned her to stone to save her from the temptation. We can only guess what other vows were taken here.

The small town of Rab is encircled by medieval walls, Romanesque church towers, churches and palaces, stone streets and ancient facades. In summer, the streets and squares are turned into a huge gallery. Many painters exhibit their works, some of them self-styled, others who will soon exhibit in famous galleries around the world. Here in the crowd it is difficult imagining escaping from people. But there are places on Rab, a solitary beach, a park, that you can turn into your own secluded part of the world.


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Part of the Island of Pag resembles a lunar landscape.

Countries, islands and cities are visited for a thousand and one reasons. The island of Pag, a little further south, draws people with its unique topography. Certain parts of the island resemble the surface of the Moon. It has other peculiarities and offers a real opportunity for unusual holidays. Take some of its riches away with you. The famous lace from Pag is comparable to that of Brussels, because of its beauty and a special way of weaving. The cheese made on the island is a delicacy known worldwide. Sheep's milk, olive oil and special technology combine to make the product a gourmet speciality.

The small town of Pag was founded in the 15th century, probably according to a plan by the master builder and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac. Knezev dvor (the Count's palace), the unfinished bishop's palace and a church in which Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles are blended together, belong to that time. Others will be attracted by the beauty of another small town on the island, Novalja, or by the picturesque Lun, famous for its ancient olive groves and nearby beautiful beaches.


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