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[ IMAGE: Sunset ] Introduction (...continued)

Back on your own island everything becomes more precious. The shrill alarm clock, the crowded commuter train, the noisy next door neighbours are forgotten. Concerns become smaller until only one remains: a bountiful catch.

Life on the islands has a special rhythm. Everybody knows everybody here. They count each other's years in wrinkles.

Everywhere, in an old fisherman's house or a five-star hotel, you feel the special spirit of the islands. It is equally strong in the streets, near the fountain where people meet to exchange hidden glances and begin new romances.

Summers on the islands are particularly delightful. Old sea salts open their doors and show off the treasures from their journeys overseas. They are from better days when every arrival meant riches of fabric and gold. Now even though there is little to be gained, seamen still leave to seek their fortune.

The old sea salts of tomorrow.


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