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[ IMAGE: Preparation for the grape harvest ] Island temperas (...continued)

The Kornati have been declared a national park. They are rich in fish and therefore a frequent destination for sports fishermen. Cultural and historic remains, such as the ruins of an old Illyrian fortress, the Roman villa in Mala Proversa, the old Christian church of St. Mary and medieval fortresses and settlements add to the value of this region. Two marinas have been built for yachtsmen, who find the area singularly attractive.

In this string of pearls, the picturesque island of Murter, with an area of 18 sq. km, has a significant place. It is connected to the land by a 12 metre long bridge near Tisno. This island of fishermen, olive growers and ship-builders is the largest and most densely populated island in the Sibenik region. The coastal resort of Hramina lies sprawled around the vast and forested bay with its sandy cove of Slanica backed by a pine wood, in which there is a hotel and camping site. Murter is the largest tourist town on the island. It has three other tourist resorts: Betina, Tisno and Jezera. Prvic, close to the Vodice resort, is an oasis of Mediterranean plant and animal life. Southwest of Sibenik lies the Island of Zlarin, famed among coral and sponge hunters since the fifteenth century. The museum in Zlarin testifies to that tradition. Even today a souvenir coral necklace will remind you of this special island during the long winter in the city. To the west of Zlarin is the Island of Obonjan, known also as the Island of Youth. The Island of Kaprije was named after capers, a Mediterranean plant whose buds are used as spice. Many yachts drop anchor in one of the numerous coves of Kaprije. Zirje is the outermost of the inhabited islands in the Sibenik archipelago. It is ideal for fishing, and there are many perfect bays for yachts. From time immemorial it served as a defensive outpost and the ruins of a sixteenth century fort can still be seen. Krapanj is the smallest and lowest of the inhabited islands in the archipelago: 0.36 sq km and 7 metres high. It is also the most densely populated. Sponge diving is the main occupation.


[ IMAGE description below ] The Kornat Islands - the most rugged group of islands in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

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